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  • I trimmed out some parts of the reaction video for now, Im very sorry! But who else thought the ending was pretty epic?!

    Lennon The BunnyLennon The Bunny3 ай мурун
    • @Love Ponies 🤣🤣🤣

      Salma MansourSalma Mansour11 күн мурун
    • I whis you could react to my bunnies setup i think its good..

      ScaredlessScaredless15 күн мурун
    • It was epic

      Aivah MolloyAivah Molloy21 күн мурун
    • Unbelievably EPIC!

      Tiffany CallahanTiffany CallahanАй мурун
    • PLS 🙏🙏💓 answer can a bunny live in a good size chicken hutch it's for just 1 bun

      Ashley youngAshley young2 ай мурун
  • The way Lennon opened the cage

    Jess LitwaJess Litwa6 саат мурун
  • they should be in hutches

    Abida LusyAbida Lusy10 саат мурун
  • I just got a bunny yesterday I am still not familiar with her needs and want so I've been watching your videos which helped a lot... If anyone have advices for me I would love to read them

    s4ro 3s4ro 317 саат мурун
  • You didn’t put the cage together right that’s why Iennon got out

    Hannah GraggHannah Gragg2 күн мурун
  • If I did want to get a bunny, what is an appropriate pen to get them?

    Amelia McVeyAmelia McVey2 күн мурун
  • I didn’t know much about bunnies when I got mine. I got him a two level hutch and thought he’d love in there when I couldn’t watch and play with him. I put him in it the second day I got it and he went insane! He started biting the wood and making noises. So, yeah, he didn’t like and is therefore free roam.

    Sherie AndersonSherie Anderson2 күн мурун
  • okay, so Amazon has its own brand of cages. they have one exactly like that except there are doors on the short ends and the liner is weaved through the bottom with a rod. and it is connected by little metal bits. it only cost 40 dollars. while the quality is better. my two pigs will quickly outgrow it once adults. I can't imagine sticking a rabbit in it. Kaytee is ripping people off. I would never put bedding in that tho. fleece for life.

    Christina ReidChristina Reid3 күн мурун
  • That would be good for a guinea pig

    Kenzie DionKenzie Dion3 күн мурун
  • If I get a rabbit ima let it free rome ofc with a little place for them

    Winter And pixieWinter And pixie4 күн мурун
  • That Bernie Sanders shirt is hilarious😂😂😂

    Katelynn BastKatelynn Bast4 күн мурун
  • refund it

    Reshma AliReshma Ali4 күн мурун
  • That cage would be excellent for guinea pigs!!

    Luvly HeartxLuvly Heartx4 күн мурун
  • A cage isn't a bad thing. I've had rabbits for 25 years...way longer than this lady. Water bottles and hook on pellet holders are don't need to use bowls. Most rabbits flip them over and make a mess. My past three bunnies are adopted and all potty trained. They love their cage as bike base and flop consistently in their cage and even snore in them. They stay in dueing the entire night. The door is left open so.they van jump in and out to free roam. Most of the bunnies would do that and go all over our entire first floor of our house and come back when they had to poop or pee. Never any accidents. Out current one is suoee stupid...out of the close to 20 rabbits we've had since I was 4..and I'm close to 31...this one is one of the dumbest. We have a beautiful raised enclosed wooden hutch on our gorgeous deck that we put them in when the weather is nice. And of course we put a leash on and let them roam in the grass. (Wish I would've known about a dog or X pen 10 years ago as we could've taken out rabbit from the hutch to the pen on the grass in our backyard so they could've been onhe grass even longer while we hung out outside or did lawn and garden work instead of always holding the leash or hooking thr leash up to a horse lead rope tied around a tree. Back in the day...wire cages were the only things available until the last decade or so. So majority of our 20 bunnies ans rabbits...all rescues...were in wire cages until they made smooth bottom ones. In the corner of the cage is theil litter box. Tons of rabbit safe toys from PetSmart, Amazon, and expensive Etsy ones as well as custom treats and tonic forages for all types of medical conditions, health, the 4 seasons which are carefully custom blended and researched from herbs and flowers which are all approved and made by a DVM for well as treats for reward as well as health (some complement the health tonics), special digestive treats---ranging from megacolon to GI stasis, motility, and general care, etc), and recovery treats for after surgery or anything traumatic . Also treats that are like a bunny equivalent of a multivitamin. This shop on Etsy is incredible. Even bought a flop support 'bed" which my previous bunny, Miss Mustache who was the most brilliant and most affectionate bunny ever, would've loved and been smart enough to figure it out. Current dumb bun Truffle really doesn't get it. I've spent $300 on treats and tonics and toys all for their mental health. She can hop out of the cage but wood flooring baffles her for some reason so usually we have to pick her up and bring her into the family room whereas Miss Mustache had free rein of the entire middle floor..and we never had to rabbit proof except she loved to chew and destroy our wooden crown molding and baseboards ..and we brought her down to our carpeted finished off basement and would sometimes bring her to the top floor wheee our bedrooms are and put her on our beds for a quick snuggle and kisses...shebluved to be lick anything like pants and pillows and kiss your entire face (eyelids, mouth, cheeks, hand, etx...I was her favorite in the family)? This current bun will chew wires on our AT&T box so we should proof that with haed shell casing/tubing but so far pillows deter her...dumb bunny. And she was the most aggressive rabbit we've ever had. If we could've found anther female within a radius we would've put her im.the shelter as I did all the desensitizing techniques and watched son many videos. She is fixed like almost all.of our rabbits have been and only had females as boy buns are too messy and spray. Yet 4 years in from adopting from her foster homes, she is still dumb and super aggressive and will lunge and sound like a pig when you clean the litter box and straighten up her cage and toys and she has bitten numerous times...the only other one that did that when I was 5 we sent back immediately...she has bitten all of us (me and my parents and my mom's on blood thinners, but aggravatingly in the last 4 years we searched regularly but couldn't find a female potty trained bun; only males. She would lunge even feee range and if you would put your face to her level, instead of getting affection and kisses like the past rabbits, she'd bite your face a la Hannibal Lector or if you'd lay on the floor she'd bite any of us on our legs and thighs. This happened to us immediate and extended family and friends. I was so angry and fed up that I was ready to release her into the forest preserve in our backyard. Our wire caged bunny we rescued from a petting zoo when I was around 8 lived for 13 years and would've kept going buy she was so blind that would run into furniture full-speed which was so sad. I wish we had known better about the wire cages but like I said they didn't have them 25 years ago but we took her out often to roam around our nice carpeted finished off basement and would taker outside Very frequently During the summer. She lived to be 13 years old and would have lived longer if we hadn't put her down due to her blindness which was causing her harm. Our last 4 Rabbits lived until 8 to almost 14 years old. They would go to vet when needed and in the past decade we would take them routinely to an exotic vet specialising in rabbits for routine checkups. I was the one that actually had researched and correctly diagnosed The GI stasis issue in my favourite bunny. So I hate when Lorelai preaches her way or the highway like hers is the only and best way because it isn't. Every rabbit and living circumstance are different too.

    Kelsey KKelsey K4 күн мурун
    • Mine has a Ex pen! But he only goes in there at night! I never put him in a hutch/Cage he loves free roaming in my room! I wish I could free roam him thru out my house but I have 3 large dogs! I use a water bowl for him, because water bottle can cause Bacterial infection! He does really good with his water bowl, the only issue I had with the water bowl is him Dropping his toys in there! He Isn’t fully Litterbox trained since he is only 4 months old! I have a Cordless hand held vacuum that I use to clean up his hay and poop! But I feel like if your bunny is happy that’s all that matters! And I love when mine flops down it is a moment of joy for me k owing that he is Happy and feel safe! I am a new bunny owner! My bunny Chester is my first bunny I owned and I try to make his life as best and simple as possible! Owning a rabbit is a huge responsibility! They are very fragile and easy to harm! God bless you for Rescuing Bunny’s💗

      Taylor MaxineTaylor Maxine2 күн мурун
  • Lennon is a little sassy today😂

    Haya’s Game RobloxHaya’s Game Roblox5 күн мурун
  • as a guinea pig dad, this cage would just barely be okay for a pair of piggies, with a fleece liner. In my experience, with hamsters and guinea pigs, Kaytee is absolutely horrendous. Their products are essentially abusive, and they market hamsters as toys to children, just look at the tiny tales hamster garbage.

    FinnFinn6 күн мурун
  • Lorelei: bunnies and kids do not go together unless you have proper research Me: feels great because I had my kids research for a month before getting them a bunny

    Christina StempkeChristina Stempke6 күн мурун
  • Literally if you want to have an enclosed space for a rabbit, just get an Expen. I got mine for $60. And it gives my rabbit so much space, and it’s high enough so she won’t jump out. Because she’s very clever. But she has space for her litter box, tunnels, Hide house, And toys. And she has tons of space to run.

    Alyssa WarrenAlyssa Warren6 күн мурун
  • I have a cage double that size for my two guinea pigs 😂 no way would I put a full grown rabbit in that

    Joy RiceJoy Rice7 күн мурун
  • I’m nine and I have a bunny named April and she looks like Lennon.

    Amy StewartAmy Stewart7 күн мурун
    • Cute name❤️

      Taylor MaxineTaylor Maxine2 күн мурун
  • I'm trying to convince my parents into getting a bunny and letting my bunny free roam but i have 2 dogs but I can let my bunny have a room to itself with no cords or anything. and I'm trying to tell them that it's not to expensive if we free roam but they still wont let me get a bunny

    Empty PocketsEmpty Pockets7 күн мурун
  • Kaytee is a horrible brand, hardly any of the products they sell meet minimum requirements for space, the only things i purchased from them were 2 of the Critter Super Habitats for my 2 Dwarf hamsters (minimum requirement per dwarf hamster is 450 sq. inches, the super habitat is 540 sq. inches). Only 1 hamster is happy in her cage and the other one still seemed a bit stressed (constantly biting the cage/climbing.) so i ended up buying her a SECOND cage and connected it by tubes (over 1000sq. inches now) and she’s finally happy. I spent well over $300 on the cages and thats not including bedding, food, chews, toys, tubes, wheels, treats, stuff for them to wear their nails down on, etc. Long story short, every animal is unique and has its own set of characteristics and needs, and Kaytee is just a pocket draining company with no respect for the animals they “cater” to and the community they sell to! We should boycott their brand! Sidenote: I also have a 9 week old all black Havana rabbit who has a whole bunnyproofed room to live in! Her name is Luna and she’s such a happy baby bunny 🤗

    Jake BurbsJake Burbs7 күн мурун
  • My bunny hates a cage. She's a free roam bunny. When I put her in the cage to clean my room she goes nuts and runs around and chews the cage.

    Tj_calisthenicTj_calisthenic7 күн мурун
  • Love that spin tho. guys.... i think my rewind button it won't let me rewind .-. 8:26

    Marlene MendozaMarlene Mendoza7 күн мурун
  • If you do buy it use it as a home base for your bunnies never ever ever use cages as a home.

    melissa YTmelissa YT8 күн мурун
  • It's a good cage just not for animals like bunnies i have guinea pigs that's a good size but definitely not for bunnies and i didn't get my cage from Kaytee it's the midwest for 2 females WARNING: NEVER PUT YOUR GUINEA PIGS IN A 60 X 3O CAGE IT MUST BE 120 X 60

    Froggy_EverythingFroggy_Everything8 күн мурун
  • I feel like the cage would be good for not rabbits but guinea pigs

    Damani MclennonDamani Mclennon8 күн мурун
  • The only open living rabbit is a free roaming rabbit!

    ranger rabbitranger rabbit9 күн мурун
  • I don’t get why pet stores sell all these horrible products for animals. And I know damn well they know it’s bad but they sell it anyway for the money smdh...

    MyUshyGushyBussyMyUshyGushyBussy10 күн мурун
  • Actually over here in Germany that cage plus tow more is the decent amount of space for tow Guinea pigs

    Ezra BarberEzra Barber10 күн мурун
  • I love this cage 🥰❤️

    Talee WhiteTalee White10 күн мурун
  • Hey ik this is random but bunnies burrow in the wild, and so do hamsters. All proper hamster care tend to yell that its absolutely important that they are able to burrow, and for bunnies are they ok with having carpet and not burrow? Only a smol digging box filled with crumpled paper where they can dig but not really?

    Kitten MimiKitten Mimi10 күн мурун
  • And my parents are just now thinking about it

    Ellie’s RoomEllie’s Room10 күн мурун
  • Hi I am 11 years old and I have been researching bunny’s for a hole 7 months

    Ellie’s RoomEllie’s Room10 күн мурун
  • Lennon opened it so easily! Just like a little person! Right when you told her she could do it 😆

    Symphony SonicSymphony Sonic10 күн мурун
  • Girl it killed me when you showed how they charge double for the roof “add on” that’s 100% necessary if you don’t want your rabbit to get out 🤦🏻‍♂️ what a shameless ripoff

    Symphony SonicSymphony Sonic10 күн мурун
  • Did you notice her shirt?

    Maelle MoirMaelle Moir10 күн мурун
  • Loving the shirt ✨

    Tiny DuckyTiny Ducky11 күн мурун
  • Yes pls do this more. it was sooo funny when lennon escaped too

    Oriole BakkerOriole Bakker11 күн мурун
  • Awww, really wanted to see Lennon hop out. My bun is only 6 weeks old and she can hop 15 inches with ease. Great dis review, these companies take the micky!

    Shelly BelleShelly Belle12 күн мурун
  • It’s a good cage maybe if you got two of them for like guinea pig or hamsters but def not rabbits but also the price is ridiculous

    Amber LebrunAmber Lebrun12 күн мурун
  • This video makes me realize how small my cages really are🥺😞 i can’t believe I’ve been doing that to my bunnies... I can’t ask for a bigger cage because I still live with my grand parents but in the future I am most definitely getting a bigger cage for them. They seem to be happy because they flop all the time and aren’t really scared of me but idk after seeing this..

    Pie_Draws RequestsPie_Draws Requests12 күн мурун
  • Yeah and what kind of name is Kaytee? Why not Kaylee?

    Layla BLayla B13 күн мурун
  • This is smaller than the C&c cage I keep my guinea pigs in 😅 and it’s 3 times as expensive

    LinLin13 күн мурун
  • I would rather use that for my Guinea pig

    Frida GerrieFrida Gerrie14 күн мурун
  • My cat adopted my bunny basically so she opens my door somehow while in free roaming my baby bunny and its pretty annoying because my bunny wants to follow her "mom" around does anyone have any ideas how to deal witht this

    RandomGamingRandomGaming15 күн мурун
  • Omg I love that burne is on your shirt

    Julia MJulia M15 күн мурун
  • Seeing how fast lennon escaped made me alittle nervous xD I bought something similar to this(without the floor lining). We are getting our first rabbit in a few week's. And I didn't wanna spend a lot since the plan is to free roam the little dude eventually😅.

    Jossan VJossan V17 күн мурун
  • My rabbit let's me sleep in "his" room. I'm grateful for that.

    KiKzKiKz17 күн мурун
  • They probably designed it with guinea pigs in mind since that is a semi-decent size for them and they wouldnt be able to escape. The bunny in the box is just to take some extra money from clueless owners. Still stupidly expensive, my guinea pig enclosure is that size with a small second floor and costed around 100 dollars

    ManuManu17 күн мурун
  • is it bad my rabbit as a Play pen???

    glossyxluhvglossyxluhv18 күн мурун
  • Love the bunny hate the bernie

    babyantbabyant18 күн мурун
  • I really appreciate this channel so much honestly. I've been subscribed since I adopted my babies a year and a half ago now and you both have been so helpful, thank you ♡

    Niko LeeNiko Lee19 күн мурун
  • Honestly the only reason i have a cage is to house my bun when I'm not home. The moment I'm home, she's out and hanging with me

    GravemasterGravemaster19 күн мурун
  • I’m getting my rabbit on sat and I’m so excited this channel has helped me so much and I want to thank you! I have learned so many things from this channel things I didn’t even know! I’m 10 yrs old and I did my research and I believe that I can know make my rabbit happy!

    Blind Rat* that likes XxFNaFxXBlind Rat* that likes XxFNaFxX20 күн мурун
  • I am that person

    Blind Rat* that likes XxFNaFxXBlind Rat* that likes XxFNaFxX20 күн мурун
  • This is great for bunnies!! *That are under half a day old*

    Star the catStar the cat20 күн мурун
  • if they cross off the or Rabbit Habitat its an ok size for 2 guinea pigs but for bunnies? they are having a giraffe mate

    SubvatoSubvato20 күн мурун
  • I was going to buy the Kaytee open living CAGE, but now I’m not

    El TacoEl Taco20 күн мурун
  • I’m thinking about getting a pair of rabbits so I’ve spent the last couple days watching loads of rabbit content

    Freya DanielsFreya Daniels21 күн мурун
  • 8 sq foot is the bare minimum for a guinea pig and its not even the recommended size for one which it 10.5 sq foot.

    Piggie VlogsPiggie Vlogs21 күн мурун
  • You're so right about Kaytee, their products are terrible and they don't care about the animals' welfare.

    peeweenpatchpeeweenpatch21 күн мурун
  • I LOVE Lennon and i have two rabbits named Rosie and Rocky

    Aivah MolloyAivah Molloy21 күн мурун
  • 9:20: sarcastically says OMG SHE HAS SUPER POWERS

    Stealth ElixerStealth Elixer21 күн мурун
  • I love the shirt 😂😂

    Hunter WhitakerHunter Whitaker22 күн мурун
  • I bought this for my bunny and she started to chew it up so I took her out and I couldn’t help but feel bad watching this 🥺 but I now know better and she has become free roam I appreciate you making these videos I watch a new one everyday

    Ezerae RodriguezEzerae Rodriguez22 күн мурун
  • U r right but i thing you are so fixed to the experience and information you have in your mind. So please try to open your mind a bit more.

    VioletViolet23 күн мурун
  • 9:22 geez just YEET it like a piece of cake

    Keven OrellanaKeven Orellana23 күн мурун
  • its not 200 dollers tho its only 70 at least at my petco it is

    Evangeline C.Evangeline C.24 күн мурун
  • First of all, thank you for making these great videos. Love your sense of humor! Now, my bunny is the best pet ever! Buuuttt, he is a big-time chewer. I have to keep him in a cage since we’re in a rental house. At our former home, he destroyed the baseboards and a lot of the wallboard corners. He chewed windowsills and furniture legs. He peed in a corner of the dining room, over and over. If I put down pet pads or a litterbox, he’d push those away so he could pee on the floor. 😱😣😝 I take him out for some daily snuggles, and he gets supervised romps in the backyard. Any advice on how I can train a 4-year-old bunny to use a litterbox? I hope it’s not hopeless. 🐰🥰

    C MillerC Miller25 күн мурун
  • Let me be clear: I love your T-shirt.

    Laurence WellsLaurence Wells25 күн мурун
  • “Dafuq is she making me do this time” 😂😭😭

    Meagan BridgesMeagan Bridges25 күн мурун
  • But I thought kaytee was the best brand??? I searched it and lots of people said it was?

    foca foxxifoca foxxi25 күн мурун
  • Stop making fun of the Cage, and u didnt have to put the pine thingys -_-

    Warrior Cat GamingWarrior Cat Gaming25 күн мурун
  • My friend got a bunny and named him peanut the other day, she had a hutch but when I told her about you she let him roam in their house. My friend is so much happier that she can always spend time with him and thankful that I reccomend you to her. Peanut loves their house too 💕🤍

    Millie DavisMillie Davis26 күн мурун
  • My mom actually wants a bunny for her garden ( poop ) so hopefully, she won't get this cage I will also tell her not to.

    ZoZo CreationsZoZo Creations26 күн мурун
  • I love your nose contouring

    samira lenzsamira lenz26 күн мурун
  • My Guinea pigs both have kaytee and they don’t have that much space to roam only my bigger guinea pig sheep does

    Zoey McNicolZoey McNicol26 күн мурун
  • More like for a hamster

    Aimaris OrtizAimaris Ortiz26 күн мурун
  • Just wondering in my house I cannot free roam bc I have 2 dogs and a big family, can you help?

    Taylor ThorsnessTaylor Thorsness26 күн мурун
  • Mine two

    Jokairi animationJokairi animation27 күн мурун

    Kim WilsonKim Wilson28 күн мурун
  • u could just zip tie it

    SamazingSamazing28 күн мурун
  • fun fact! bernie is my neighbor :D

    Jamie DJamie D28 күн мурун
  • Watching this video an add comes on for Kaytee and I have never encountered the add before 😞

    Lumpy the BunnyLumpy the Bunny29 күн мурун
  • This is def. not for bunnies. The 60x30 should have been marketed for just guinea pigs. Females are supposed to live in groups of 3 or more... so that would be perfect for 3 females. Or two males, if you want to give them more room to run. (Males usually dont do well in 3 or more)

    Coby KonneorCoby Konneor29 күн мурун
  • Me watching her videos at 2:00 AM every night even though I know for sure my parents won’t give me a bunny 😙😙

    Liv RLiv R29 күн мурун
  • 4:28 Can you repeat that again? I don't think that my uncle and aunt understand

    Nikita KaskNikita KaskАй мурун
  • Can I ask a question? If a human can fit in the pen that the bunnies live in, is it okay? Because I sit in my bunnies' cage on a daily basis for like an hour per day. Edit: We can't free roam unless we buy the house we're renting and bunny proof 200 wires, but I promise that I am trying to make a little more space for them somewhere

    Nikita KaskNikita KaskАй мурун
  • Lennon is like "who the fluff is going in there!" 🤣

    Samantha PughSamantha PughАй мурун
  • My bunny jumps out of his 3 foot x-pen some times (he’s in there at night and when we are at work rest of the time he free roams) this would be nothing to him 😂

    QueenBettieBeeQueenBettieBeeАй мурун
  • what if you had a dwarf rabbit and only used the bars and not all of it. Would it be big enough for a rabbit that small? (Also I Lysm you’ve helped me so much) ❤️

    Purple PandaPurple PandaАй мурун
  • so if i bought something like this but taller as a 'home base' and for when im at school its not good? im only wondering as i live with my parents and my bunny (Bear) lives in a hutch in the garage and ive been begging to let him live in my room bc of benefits and we are getting him nutered when vets reopen in the uk so hopefully they will let me buy something like this and only make me use the hutch in summer outside when he free roams in the garden (its bunny proofed and he is supervised :) ) as a 'home base' because i really want him to live indoors to have a better life!!

    Beth MangerBeth MangerАй мурун
  • Its so smalllllll omggg

    sorrysafesidsorrysafesidАй мурун
  • When I started watching this channel, I thought Lennon was lemon 😂😂😂

    Morgan & Pigs!Morgan & Pigs!Ай мурун
  • Love the 👚 shirt😂

    Constance Mary BirchConstance Mary BirchАй мурун
  • Dose she do her own makeup? It's paw-some!

    Suzanne FogwillSuzanne FogwillАй мурун
  • Everyone: man I live my bun thx for the video Me who is wondering why she is wearing a man on her shirt: 👁👄👁

    Execute order 65Execute order 65Ай мурун
  • We got our bunny I made every single one of the new bunny owner mistakes she was a last-minute rescue and I can't even imagine not having her now and it's only been a month. In Canada that cage is 89.99 but I ended up selling it to my sister-in-law and giving a guinea pig to my nephew for his birthday last week which also lived with our rescued bunny. LOL it's perfect the guinea pig loves it. There was one small corner The bunny chewed. Haha. a month later and I'm still learning stuff about bunnies from you. I guess alot of new bunny parents have to go through this. I also bought all the accessories for the cage. We always planned on just leaving the door open so she could go in and out as she wanted. she has the top level of the house. I know you said that bunnies should free roam but she did love the hay-filled cage another mistake I made she would sleep in it at night on her own and she would play during the day everywhere else she just started sleeping in the closet and under the bed and thumping all the time at me because I got her a proper set up like a good bunny mom and I think she hated it. 😔

    Naomi TaylorNaomi TaylorАй мурун
  • I don't think the cage isn't that bad for guinea pigs, at least Katy tried to make a larger cage :).

    Sanjeev PrasadSanjeev PrasadАй мурун